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Every year thousands of Floridians are seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

At Roselli & Associates, P.A. we recognize that handling automobile accident cases require an aggressive and thorough investigation into the facts of collision along with a compassionate understanding of the needs of our client during that difficult period following an accident.

Large truck accidents are often the most serious and deadly and require an intricate understanding of truck mechanics, truck operations and commercial trucking regulations at the state and federal level. In fact, fatigued driving is the #1 safety problem in the trucking industry today, and is a factor in nearly 40% of all crashes nationwide. Unfortunately, it is routine practice for many trucking companies to violate the hours of service and related rules and regulations. Profit-driven motives have made fatigued driving of commercial trucks a pervasive problem that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children each year.

Motorcycle accidents often leave the unprotected rider with life altering injuries and insurmountable medical bills and expenses.

Roselli & Associates, P.A. is experienced in handling accident cases involving automobiles, large commercial trucks and motorcycles that have resulted in serious or catstrophic injuries or death. These cases may require complex and often contentious litigation. Our hard work, dedication and commitment to seeking justice for our clients and their loved ones is the driving force behind our reputation and our success in obtaining significant recoveries for our clients.

If you or a loved one are suffering the consequences of a serious car, truck or motorcycle accident, contact us so we may evaluate your case and get the compensation that is deserved.

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Case Results Articles - Truck Accidents

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    • Gravel Truck Crushes Small Pick Up At Florida Turnpike Toll Booth

      A young man on his way to work suffered a serious injuries to his cervical spine when a Mack truck hauling 80,000 pounds of road rock barreled through a Florida turnpike toll lane in Boca Raton, crashing into his pick up truck that was was stopped to pay the toll. The crushing impact propelled the pick up nearly the length of a football field. Juan, the diver of the pick up, suffered serious neck and back injuries that required extensive medical treatment, therapy and testing. MRI studies revealed that he sustained a cervical spine disc herniation, but fortunately he did not require surgery. Juan retained attorney Robert M. Roselli who took immediate action to preserve the vehicle and other key evidence, including the surveillance video tape at the Dept of Transportation toll booth. Ultimately Mr. Robert Roselli obtained a recovery of $250,000 on behalf of Juan.

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