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A dangerous staircase can lead to a unexpected fall and lead to serious injuries.  Frequently the injuries from falling down a staircase will involve fractured bones and even traumatic head injury or brain injury. Other times, the victim can suffer from a serious neck injury or back injury.  A stairway may be dangerous due to poor maintenance, improper design or lack of adequate lighting.  Often the stair thread are worn or non existent.  Other times, the stair handrail may be improperly placed or broken.  Frequently, a missing handrail or broken handrail or loose handrail can cause devastating consequences.  Carpet on the stairway may also lead to mishap and injury.  Old carpet, worn carpet or loose carpet on a stairway can create a slip hazard or trip hazard to the unsuspecting person.

Staircases in Apartment building, condominiums and office buildings are the subject of various codes and regulations.  For this reasons an attorney that has successfully handled staircase accidents and injuries is of the utmost importance. The attorneys at Roselli & Associates has handles these case and is prepared and interested in discuss your case with you.

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